Transparancy – The Key To Saving Your Marriage

You want to save your marriage?

Then help your marriage by giving it a powerful boost:  building it on a framework of transparency. This means you and your partner commit to being completely open about every aspect of your individual lives—especially if your spouse has cheated.

In this post, I’ll help you rebuild your marriage and strengthen communication between you and your spouse, utilizing the power booster of transparency. Read on…

Dissecting a Crumbling Marriage

Why do some marriages simply crumble, fall apart with both spouses confused as to what went wrong?

Anyone in a marriage knows there is work involved. You married for better or worse, and for some reason, many marriages steer toward the “worse” end of the deal.

One of the challenges for a married couple is the presence of individualism: you’re a distinct person from your spouse. Technically, a marriage is supposed to be “two becoming as one.” But without setting some rules for how you do so—while maintaining your individuality—you are creating fertile ground for problems, including infidelity, to potentially take root.

Steps To Honesy In Your Marriage

For example, as time moves on in your marriage, is that you aren’t sharing as much information as a couple:

  • The events that occurred during your day
  • Your hopes for the future, individually and as a couple
  • Your secret dreams and wishes
  • New friends you’ve met
  • What disappoints you in the marriage, what makes you happy

Over time, you both may begin to squirrel away these details, locking away the information that makes up a life. This is how the foundation of a marriage begins to crumble: it’s a combination of a lack of sharing, half-truths, secrets, and even outright lying.

And the problem only becomes worse when an affair has shattered the trust and feelings of an unbreakable bond in your marriage. In order to survive infidelity, you and your spouse not only need to rebuild the trust, there must also be a conscious effort to do things completely different in terms of transparency.

If your marriage is not in specific need of infidelity help, then today is the day to work on doing everything you can to strengthen your marriage bond so infidelity won’t likely become an issue in the future.

Give a Power Boost to Your Marriage: Demand Transparency

You’re struggling after the affair, both individually and as a couple. You need to start somewhere in repairing the damage, so maybe begin with the most challenging issue at hand: transparent communication.

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A Blueprint For Saving Your Marriage

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