Social Media And Your Marriage Problems

Is social media responsible for your marriage problems? Or has your spouse blamed social media for getting involved with someone else and having an affair?

More and more couples are coming within a hair’s breadth of divorce—if not absolutely going over the cliff—due to social media.

In this blog, we’ll look at social media and its role in marriage problems, and I’ll give you 3 tips for how to protect your marriage. Please keep reading…

What’s Really Responsible for Marriage Trouble?

There have been news reports that some divorce statistics are now being attributed to social media outlets, such as Facebook. Presumably, some cheating spouses begin their slippery slope into cheating by going online, and in this case, it would be using this particular site.

But cheating has been around a lot longer than Facebook. So, while Facebook and other social media sites may be the vehicle, the real attribution needs to go where it belongs: people’s decisions.

People have been going outside of their marriage to form relationships for ages. Social media is just another tool with which to do so, as are online dating sites. Relationships are also formed in the workplace, in the midst of hobbies, and between neighbors. The difference is whether or not the relationship has crossed over from “appropriate” to “inappropriate,” regardless of the location or means where it was formed.

Social media may be the medium through which a spouse cheats, but it can hardly be considered the cause. That would be an issue of character on the part of the cheater, who placed themselves in a precarious position that allowed them to make the decision that having an affair would be a good idea.

Marriage problems begin with one or both spouses not communicating, or not putting in any effort to keep the marriage ties strong. It’s easier to escape into a fantasy life, say, via Facebook, than it is to face issues within the marriage and work them out. How much work does it take to post a fun message to someone than to dig in and make a marriage work?

So, at issue is not that social media is causing marriage problems, including cheating, but that people are using it as just another vehicle with which to escape their marriage problems or start an affair.

Next, we’ll look at some tips for helping you utilize social media without having it lead to problems in your marriage.

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Tips for Protecting Your Marriage      

Sometimes, a married couple needs to think a few steps ahead and employ safeguards to protect their relationship.

Tip #1: Practice Transparency

Anything where you hide details of your life from a spouse can create a problem at some point in your marriage, whether it’s hiding the latest shoes you purchased or sending message through social media, your cell phone, etc., to someone that sparks your interest.

By practicing transparency, you won’t have secrets that can lead to marriage problems.

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