Save A Marriage Tip – Talk

How Do I Get Him/Her to Talk To Save Our Marriage?

Key Point #1
You have a need to know: marriage
  • How bad is it?
  • What am I up against?
  • What’s their relationship like?
  • What’s happening in the affair relationship that hasn’t happened with us?

Key Point #2

marriageYou need from the conversation:

  • Affirmation that you and the marriage are ok
  • Hope that the marriage is still intact
  • The need to determine if your spouse will stop the affair
  • A pledge to work on the marriage

Key Point #3

Your spouse finds it difficult to talk (or clams up) because:

  • Your spouse suffers from guilt or shamemarriage
  • Your spouse fears being scolded or condemned
  • Your spouse may feel inadequate as a communicator
  • Your spouse lacks the capacity to put into words the intensity of feelings
  • Your spouse is unaware of the thoughts  behind the feelings

Key Point #4

Extra-marital Affair relationships, contrary to what most believe, do not exhibit good communication.

  • And a person then says to me, “Well, they obviously have good communication.
  • Communication in an extra-marital affair relationship is based upon building up the illusions each have.
  • The communication centers around what each wants to hear to build illusions of who he or she thinks he or she is

Key Point #5

Tips on opening lines of communication:

  • Never ask a question (explained more in my materials)marriage

  • Never use the word “you.” Instead, make short, declarative statements, which get at the truth. (again explained more in my materials. A large book can be written on this topic.)

  • Be aware of body language. Notice body language closely or the various types of non-verbal communication, which give cues and clues.

The above information is taken from one of my first ebooks, “The first Step to Surviving Infidelity.”

How do I get him/her to talk? is one of the top 10 questions asked when first confronted with infidelity.

The other top 9 questions are also included in the e-book.

I also include the “Top 10 Questions You SHOULD Ask”  in “The first Step to Surviving Infidelity.”

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Best regard to you both in attempting to heal your marriage.

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