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Are you one of the 90% who truly want to reclaim and rebuild you marriage– REGARDLESS of what s/he did?

Yes, most want to give their marriage the best possible shot of surviving and perhaps eventually thriving.

I want you to check out the resource below if you are one of the 90%.

Michael Webb has written two ebooks, one for men and the other for women that covers the art and possibility of getting your spouse (ex) back.

I like the way Michael writes and I like the content.

I particularly agree with this paragraph:

One should never endeavor to win back a lost lover for the wrong reasons. And simply stopping the pain of the split, or relieving the agony of the resultant loneliness, is the wrong reason to try to win him back. The basis for this ugly little truth is obvious: unless the underlying factors that caused the breakup in the first place have been examined, and unless there has been a significant change or commitment to a change, a remedy put into play, then you’re simply asking for more of the same, with the same outcome virtually assured.

I’ve struggled over the years with the concept of forgiveness. I seldom come across info that does it justice. Do you?

Michael writes:

Forgiveness is like the purest form of love itself. It has no agenda, and should not be brought into the dynamic of your breakup and commitment to win him back simply as a strategy or an obligation. Rather, you ask for it and offer it for one reason only – it’s the right thing to do. Forgiveness is what love would do, and that’s always the acid test for anything you’re considering saying or doing from this point forward.


And, if you are looking for tips on getting him/her back, Michael moves you through 3 phases of this process. These tips work well, if you have your feelings under control, for the most part and can, what I call, “charge neutral” a fair proportion of the time.

If face to face confrontation is an issue for you, Michael gives great guidance in using the written (or typed) word as a way to powerfully communicate:

Get it in writing. One of the most common ways to reconnect is to write a letter. But as it is with any other method of reconnecting – perhaps especially this one – you must be sure the letter does not become counter-productive. And it easily can if the slightest element of bitterness, defensiveness, accusation, agenda or desperation pops out from between the lines. The absolute litmus test for such a letter is that it is completely vulnerable and self-effacing, yet it shows your ability to be strong.


As I read through his book, I came across information that you will find insightful and helpful:

Chapter 4: Execute the Plan, Not the Man (or woman)

Chapter 5: The Ten Biggest Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

Six key ingredients to a successful marriage. The happiest and most successful relationships are clicking on all six of these cylinders.

Michael appeals to gender issues, so click the appropriate link below to learn more and get your copy of getting your spouse back:   Get Your Man Back

Get Her Back… for good

Remember, Knowledge is Power.

This is YOUR time to redesign your thinking about marriage and make the needed shifts to create the relationship and marriage you truly desire.



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