Marriage Post Affair Help Part II

Today lets move on with Post Affair help with your marriage. Do they really mean it when they say “I don’t love you anymore”?


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As we learned yesterday even statements like these don’t necessarily mean your spouse has fallen out of love with you—they can simply mean your relationship is very off-track. Here are two important steps to take in assessing love in your marriage:

Step 1: Gauge your spouse’s desire and commitment

The main thing you need to heal your marriage is a deep desire and a strong commitment to repair the relationship. You need to have an honest discussion with your spouse and ask if he or she is willing to commit to rebuilding your marriage.

If your spouse is willing, there must be some love there for them to want to stay and put in the work involved.

Step 2: Gauge your own commitment

Whether or not your spouse is willing to work with you, are you prepared to work with your spouse? After the infidelity, do you still feel love for your spouse? For some, this can kill off any love they may have had for their spouse—especially if the relationship was rocky to begin with.

However, many victims of an affair find they are able to rebuild the love in their heart once again, given time and some healing. Every individual is different.

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Hi friends, when I began this blog 2 years ago I was at the end of what turned out to be a 51year marriage. My wife succumbed to cancer on 12/6/11 and life has not been the same since. It was and still is my goal here to promote long term marriages. There are many reasons this is difficult today, but I still believe it is possible and via this blog I will be trying to suggest steps you BOTH can take to save your marriage. Thank you
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