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Does it seem like it will be a longggggg tough road or you will need a miracle to save your marriage?


Marriage Makeover

A marriage makeover will take the both of you talking AND listening.

I just received this E Mail from Dr. Bob Huinzenga and decided to pass it along.

Dr. Bob,

How are you weathering the storm?

The fury of an affair can be ferocious. I hope that you are thinking better of yourself and have more clarity in your situation.

Are you past the major pain and confusion? Are you ready to do everything in your power to transform your life? Are you and your spouse ready to take a stab at creating a richly powerful marriage?

Each day I want you to grab at a new life and if possible, a new marriage.

Makeover Your Marriage! It CAN be
Better and Stronger

Use this “opportunity” for a Major Marriage Makeover.

Now, I’m not talking about slapping on a little new paint over the dirt but tearing off the drywall (removing a couple walls maybe) and creating a new dwelling in which the two of you can live an increasingly better life.

Are you scared? If so, you are not alone. After all, the pain and memories can easily flare. Words dripping of judgment are on the tip of the tongue. You may feel like you are addressing a stranger, not someone with whom you shared a life and bed.

Eyeballing each other is a risk. Hesitancy is a part of “rebuilding” the
marriage. Trust is partial. This will take time.

Getting Both of You on the Same Page

With that as a given, I’m presenting to you unique materials that will get you (both of you, not just the one that is initiating the joint effort) started safely and keep you moving forward on your Makeover efforts.

I sometimes lay awake at night wondering: “How can couples and individuals who have been so wounded make their lives and relationships work? Who begins? How do they begin? What tools do they need to build trust and create something new?”

I’m excited about my latest E-book: Save A Marriage: Marriage Makeover. I’ve put together a format designed to appeal to both the one who is pushing for marriage and the one not so sure. It is designed with both genders in mind. (And yes, there are differences)

Infidelity Recovery: Marriage Makeover:

  • Is elegantly simple, straight-forward with minimal psycho babble or “touchy-feely stuff.”
  • Levels the playing field. Whomever is more talkative, insightful, relationship-oriented is NOT in a one-up position.
  • Helps you build trust slowly but surely. You will feel safe as you address highly important issues.
  • Begins from areas of personal motivation. Each starts with than issue that is important for him/her.
  • Is win-win. Each person is strengthened and empowered. The strength and power of the relationship is a secondary outcome.
  • Helps avoid the “swirl” or predictable negative ways of feeling and acting with each other.
  • Helps create a more “natural” way for those in close proximity (living with each other or separated but connected in other ways) to manage life together.
  • Eliminates judgments and put downs.
  • Moves beyond need-meeting, merely accommodating the OP, being nice, “stuffing.”
  • Goes beyond confrontation, blow ups, say-it-like-it-is, dumping, getting-it-all-out, catharting, or dealing with feelings.
  • Goes beyond making amends, saying I’m sorry, expecting I’m sorry, rehashing the past, making promises that it will never happen again.

Your Best Chance

Will Marriage Makeover guarantee that you will forge a powerful, long-lasting incredibly loving marriage? No. But it gives you a chance.

And, if you follow the program (and if followed religiously it may take you up to 2 years) I guarantee that you will be a transformed person with a huge capacity to live intimately and powerfully with someone.

Marriage Makeover enables you and your spouse to get on the same page. Do you ever feel like he/she is one step ahead/behind? Marriage Makeover has both of you at the same starting point.

Download “Marriage Makeover” Right Now!

I urge you to download “Marriage Makeover” right now.

 Order Now!

Marriage Makeover helps you look at every nook and cranny of your life exhaustively with a very positive slant.

“Marriage Makeover” gives you the depth of change that will sustain your life and the relationship.

As A Madeover Couple:

  • You will experience a deepening intimacy and know how to grow it.
  • You will feel more relaxed and at ease around each other.
  • You will eradicate unhealthy forms of conflict.
  • You will face problems head on and address them with less fear.
  • You will share a mutual pride in each other.
  • Attract friends, family and an environment that best nurtures the relationship and each person.
  • You will learn how to manage the day to day chores of life more easily.
  • You will parent more effortlessly and your growing relationship will have a
    positive ripple effect upon your children.
  • You will continue to grow the sexual relationship and find points of mutual

And…A Madeover You:

  • You will feel much more attractive and desirable. You will find and value your self to a much higher degree.
  • You will lead a more balanced, more full life.
  • You will accomplish more, much more easily.
  • You will take better care of your self and feel healthier.
  • You will feel much more alive.
  • You will expect more of your self and others.
  • You will be more confident and less fearful of life.
  • You will feel safer and more in control of your life and environment.

Thank you for being part of this site and my quest to change the way we think about infidelity.

Warm Regards,

I trust this was helpful information


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