Marriage Gridlock And How To Open It Up

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Marriage gridlock and how to open it up is a problem that can evolve in any marriage.  So, let’s take a look at marriage gridlock.

I posted this note form one of my sponsors, I wish it were my own but it’s not.  However, Stephanie has some good points here and I thought I would go ahead an post if for your information.

Hello, this is Stephanie fromMarriage Sherpa. Does  your relationship look like this…?

You keep talking but you never     get ahead…
You both dig in and are unwilling    to budge…
You both become more  and more frustrated with each other over time…
You both have come to feel  rejected by each other…

Therapists call this “Gridlock”and there is something you  can do about it… but it may take a little courage. However, this relatively simple idea could  have a huge impact onthe way your partner treats you.

Let me explain by sharing this fascinating bit of research.

Researcher’s from the University of Washington analyzed hundreds of couples to identify what separated couples who repaired arguments  from those who didn’t.

At first the researchers were frustrated because while an apology worked for some, it didn’t work for others.

After years of analysis, marriage researchers found only one thing that reliably predicted the success of the repair attempt. Here’swhat it was…

The degree of positivity present when the couple wasn’t fighting.

Sound too simple?

That study proved that couples who do more positive things than negative things are more successful at resolving their problems(repair  attempts).

That’s not all. Turns  out that building positivity can be yournew secret weapon for a happy  marriage.

The key to long-term marriage success isn’t to avoid conflict… it’s to become best friends, and build a positive emotionalbond.

Think about your relationship in the beginning.

Both you and your partner bent over backwards for each other.What kinds of things did you do for each  other to make one another feelgood?  Now, think about the last 7 days.  How many positive interactionshave you had?

This theory isn’t to be discarded.

We all know being positive is easier said than done especiallywhen  there are fresh hurts and years of unresolved pain but there is away to get  started and there is a distinct advantage for you if youare the first to  act.

Studies have revealed that a less motivated spouse can become more motivated simply by ways in which you interact with them.

It’s a relatively small investment to make for such a huge gain.

Dr. Frank Gunzburg has recognized this principle for  decades.That’s why he outlined a  strategy for using positivity to heal therelationship.

You and your spouse may not be able to resolve conflict…

And you may not be able to interact positively when you are not fighting…

So, the best way to start healing is to build  positivity. Even if it’s small. Here’s how you can start.

Dr. Gunzburg has developed a special program inside Saving Your Marriage that highlights specific ways to do this.

If you let the fun die… your relationship will die.

You cannot let that happen.  Inside Saving Your Marriage, thereare hundreds of tips and steps you  can take today to reignite thepositivity.

Today I’m going to ask you to take a step and we’re going to give you an incentive to do it. Saving Your  Marriage is normally $197, butthrough this special link below you can take advantage of a 50% couponcode.

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After you order the program, we’ll ship the complete program, workbook and extra bonus materials. In addition, you can download theentire program from our membership site.

When you order today, take 30 minutes and read section 9. Then open up the supplemental program called  How to Bring the Spark Back. Afteryou  read these two… I want to encourage you to try them for 7 days.

You may not get a positive reaction in just one or two days… but wait to see what happens when you do this every day for 7 days. If you don’t see a change in 7 days… we’ll return every cent. This is your chance to do something different.

Remember… Building positivity is your new secret weapon.

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