Marriage Is A Little Bit More Than Emotional Highs

What you learn about Marriage at 6 can kill your marriage at 36 or 46



I remember one evening sitting on the couch watching Cinderella with my 6 year old granddaughter.

She was enthralled with the movie; eyes riveted; heart obviously attached to Cinderella.

Then I thought, “What is she learning about relationships, about love and about marriage?”

My heart skipped a few beats as I watched the budding “relationship” of Cinderella and the Prince.

Have you ever noticed:


Wouldn’t It Be Nice If This Is All Marriage Ever Turned Out To Be?

1. Cinderella and the Prince never have a conversation? They merely looked starry eyed at each other and in some fashion “fall in love.”

2. Cinderella was being rescued by the Prince. He truly was her knight in shining armor. He would come and make her life incredibly better, all without carrying on a conversation!

3. Did you ever wonder what the Prince saw in Cinderella? Well, I suppose he saw a cute little thing, the cutest in the realm, even scrubbing the floor.  She certainly would be a prize, would she not? And, do you ever think the Prince had any sexual thoughts about this cute thing?


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