Long-Married Secrets Discussed

Long-married couples are a little disappointed in younger couples who split up.

It doesn't have to be lonely

It doesn’t have to be lonely


It seems to these long-marrieds that couples are missing out on a secret ingredient.

Do you and your partner have it?

In this blog, I’ll give you the secret ingredient after first telling you about a common experience for all long-married couples.  Please keep reading…

Misconceptions Swirl Around Long-Marrieds

When young couples look at long-married couples, they may be tempted to think that they were just highly compatible.  Or maybe they pushed down their needs in the relationship so it was easier to get along.

But talk to a long-married couple, and they’ll tell you that’s crazy talk…

Of course they had ups and downs, and sometimes some real struggles, and staying together for decades was anything but easy!  And, they had individual needs just like any other human being.

Many long-married couples grappled with the same types of issues that younger couples deal with now:

  • Money struggles
  • Raising a family
  • Job stress
  • Disagreements/differences of opinion
  • In-laws

No one generation or age group has a corner on the “problems” market.  And that’s where we come to the “secret ingredient” that long-term marrieds have…

They are committed to making it work.

Just like everyone else in a relationship, their relationship has ups and downs.  Often, they are of the opinion that couples today just don’t try hard enough, that they have a disagreement and are ready to end things.

Long-marrieds in particular take their vows seriously: to love, honor and obey.

So today’s tip is to assess your relationship and just how committed you and your partner are to making it work.

  • Are you ready to love, honor and obey each other?
  • Are you willing to stick it out through ups and downs?
  • Are you going to try hard to make the relationship work?

Only you and your partner can successfully answer these questions.  And, it takes two to make a relationship work.  You might not both be firing on all cylinders at the same time, but equal effort over the long-term is what makes a commitment work.

Do you and your partner acknowledge that ups and downs are inevitable?

Are you committed to making things work between you?

Do you think you and your partner are trying hard enough now?

So, what you term “long-term marrieds” today were just ordinary people fulfilling the pledge they made of total committment to one another on the wonderful wedding day.


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