What Could Be Killing Your Marriage


Only 1% Get What’s Really Killing Their Marriage

I wanted to send out another reminder of Dr. Huinzenga’s Marriage Webinar. A lot of my readers received this information via direct e-mail.  If you might be interested in getting further heads up information, please fill out the sign-up form on this page.

A survey, asking that question, “What’s Killing Your Marriage?” and only 2 out of 220 or so named the #1 Marriage Killer

Killing Your Marriage

Find Out What Could Be Killing Your Marriage

Here’s a summary of the list. Which two responses do you think fit the answer I was looking for?


Next Tuesday night 9:00 PM EDT I will point out the #1 Marriage Killer and what couples can do to stare it down and overcome it.

Register here for the webinar “The Self Healing Marriage – How to Uncover Hidden Love.”

The Webinar is limited to 50 ‘seats.” Make sure you get one!


Love is so elusive for most because few are taught to get to the CORE issues that generate distance, frustration, anger, hurt and pain.

Bottom line: I want you to experience and feel deeply a love that is EASY and lasting.

Join Dr. Bob Tuesday night.

P.S. If the time on Tuesday night is a problem, still register. I will record the Webinar and it will be available for you later.
Hope to see you and your spouse then for some good marriage solutions.

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Hi friends, when I began this blog 2 years ago I was at the end of what turned out to be a 51year marriage. My wife succumbed to cancer on 12/6/11 and life has not been the same since. It was and still is my goal here to promote long term marriages. There are many reasons this is difficult today, but I still believe it is possible and via this blog I will be trying to suggest steps you BOTH can take to save your marriage. Thank you
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