An Emotional Affair Is Cheating And Will Ruin Your Marriage

How Can An Emotional Affair Hurt Your Marriage?

Marriage And Social Media

Emotional Affairs Are Easier With Social Media

What makes cheating, well… cheating? And what, for example, makes a man want to cheat, and where’s the fine line between faithful and unfaithful?

Maybe you and your spouse have had arguments over an outside relationship that you feel could lead directly to an affair. Meanwhile, your spouse protests that nothing of the sort could ever happen.

In this blog, we’ll look at how to define an outside relationship, and  lets look at 3 steps to begin using today to tighten up your emotional connection and.

Where is Emotional Energy Being Spent?

A lot of spouses have a long-term friend of the opposite sex with whom they share a friendship. You may also be friends with that person, or you never really got close to them. You may not like the idea of sharing your spouse with someone—even from their past, because you fear the potential that it could suddenly spark into something more.

But let’s say you just found out your husband or wife has developed a close tie with someone, either a coworker or someone they know through an outside hobby, and that relationship has crossed the line into different territory. Maybe what was once a very casual acquaintance or friendship has moved into one of a more intimate nature.

Suddenly, you’re having doubts about what’s really going on between them, and you wonder what makes a spouse cross the line?

For some spouses, it may lead them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like try to hack into emails or personal cell phones to learn what’s going on. If you have found yourself doing this with your spouse, you probably have a lot of guilt over this breach of trust on your part to discover if your spouse is breaching trust on his or her part.

There are a host of other emotions that happen when you learn that your spouse is forging a strong bond with someone outside of your marriage. It can leave you feeling angry and sad, as you ask, “Why not pull closer to me?”

You may wonder, “If all they’re doing is just talking, why does it make me feel anxious?”

You feel threatened because your spouse is spending his or her emotional energy with someone other than you, building an intimate connection with someone outside of the marriage when that energy should be going into fortifying that connection with you.

Your husband or wife may not have a physical relationship with this other person, but if they are bonding intimately through talk, then their relationship has more than likely crossed the line into the realm into Emotional Adultery.

So what do you do to save your marriage and prevent a physical affair from happening, on top of the emotional affair?

Emotional Adultery

Tips On Curbing Social Media To Save Your Marriage

How Emotional Affairs Hurt a Marriage

The intimacy that rightfully belongs in your marriage is being thinned out, diluted. They are sharing their deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings with someone else, which is bound to create a strong emotional connection.

But this means they aren’t sharing those deep feelings with the person they pledged their life to, and your marriage foundation is weakening. If one spouse goes outside of the marriage to seek fulfillment, even if the fulfillment is “only” emotional in nature, it’s a form of cheating on the marital bond.

This is why couples argue over how to define these types of relationships. But a common hallmark of a marriage that is clandestine is the lack of transparency. If the phone calls are taken in private, or information isn’t shared, then your spouse isn’t being transparent for a reason.

Bring the Emotional Connection Back Home

So what do you do to save your marriage and prevent a physical affair from happening, on top of the emotional affair? First, your spouse needs to own up to the fact that this is an emotional affair. It’s very simple: are you sharing an emotional bond with a member of the opposite sex outside of our marriage? Are you sharing your deepest feelings and thoughts with this person?

This is an emotional affair. Once it’s accepted by both spouses that this is what’s happening, it’s time to work on rebuilding intimacy with your spouse once again.

Do you suspect your spouse of having an emotional affair? Or are you in the midst of one?  If so this might be the resource you need. Just click on the link below and begin today to heal your marriage.

save my marriage

A Blueprint For Saving Your Marriage

Saving Your Marriage




What is it you and your spouse need to do to find fulfillment once again in your marriage, to deepen that emotional connection?


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