“In The Beginning” – Marriage Survival Tips

Try to think back to the  “Beginning“.

It was  the two of you who got this relationship started.  However, you are two different people. And, as your marriage grew one of you have become perceptive enough to figure out something aint right.

Save My Marriage

Your Marriage Needs A Bit Of Fun. Like In The Beginning !


Just one is an awful lonely path to travel. But most times that how it has to start to bring about resolving the differences in your marriage.

Is your marriage on rocky ground?

Have you noticed tensions around the house?  When marriage problems exist, the stress level in the home can reach extremes.  Tempers may flare.  Harsh words may be uttered or even screamed.  You may give or receive the silent treatment.  In some homes, abuse may even occur.  Have you talked about these problems with your mate, but still get no response?

Is your spouse refusing any marriage help?

Senior Marriage Can Be Great!

Senior Marriage Is Just Like Aged Wine… The Best!
It Is Worth The Work!

Maybe your spouse is in denial about your marriage troubles.  You know your marriage needs help, but can you do it alone?

Seeking marriage help on your own is not only hard, but can lead to a wide variety of emotions.  The spouse willing to seek help may feel abandoned in the relationship.

The burden of the problems in the marriage seems to be resting on your shoulders.  A marriage can be difficult when both partners are willing to work things out together, as a team, but when you must tow the car across the road while a passenger sits relaxing inside listening to the radio, you begin to doubt the relationship altogether.

There is something you can do when your marriage needs help and your spouse refuses to take the steps to seek marriage help right along with you.

Education can be key.  Depending on your marriage problems, it can be helpful to educate yourself on the topic.  If financial troubles are in the air, learn what you can about budgeting.  Maybe the children aren’t behaving in the way you prefer.  Take a class on child rearing or child development.  These steps can help your marriage profusely.

Even if your partner does not choose to accompany you, these are ways to find marriage help on your own.

With almost 50% of all marriages ending in divorce you are not aloneDon’t feel ashamed to ask for and seek help.  Even if at first you are alone in this effort.


Counseling is a phenomenal way to go in your circumstances.

When you need marriage help, a counselor or therapist can help you to discover new ways of reacting to the same old problems in your marriage.  Also, they can assist you in dealing with any emotions you feel in regards to your partners lack of interest in marriage help.

If problems exist in your marriage regarding drug addiction or abuse, locate a support group in your area.  Marriage help comes in numerous ways.  The circle of support around you will help your marriage in ways that you may not realize.

Just talking with others in similar situations will help you to realize that you are not alone.  Your self-esteem will improve and this will be shown at home.

Talk to someone in your church or religious organization.  A person of a similar faith can speak to you about the importance of marriage and family.  Keeping this in mind can give you the help you need to carry on with your efforts to seek marriage help on your own.

Trying these self-help techniques for marriage help can make a difference for your family.

It is even possible, that your new approach to situations at home will stir up interest in your mate.  He or she may notice, for example, that you are feeling better and wonder why.  Sometimes even the smallest improvements in a marriage helps the most.

It may seem impossible to save a marriage when your partner refuses marriage help, but if you get the ball rolling in the right direction, chances are high that your marriage relationship will improve.  In time, it is likely that your mate will join you in your efforts to make your marriage work.

Please don’t feel like you are the first person ever to try and resolve a marriage by yourself.  With almost 50% of all marriages ending in divorce you are not aloneDon’t feel ashamed to ask for and seek help.  Even if at first you are alone in this effort.

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